Dutch Army Rainproof Poncho Woodland

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Dutch Army Rainproof Poncho, Woodland

Genuine Dutch Army Wet Weather Poncho in woodland camouflage, meant to protect You against rain and wind. But it also can be used as ground sheet, sleeping bag cover, tarp or easy-made shelter (consisting of 2 or more ponchos connected). Great item for campers.
  • Strong waterproof material
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Eyelets along each edge to use as basha
  • Drawcord hood
  • Integral stuff pocket


Size when laid out flat approx 2,2 x 1,65m


  • New
  • Pre-owned, SuperGrade (may contain minimal signs of wear)
  • Pre-owned, Grade 1 (contains signs of wear, but serviceable, in good overall condition)
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