Dutch Army Multi-Purpose 35L Backpack

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Dutch Army Multi-Purpose Backpack, black

Genuine Dutch military multi-purpose backpack that can be carried as backpack or suitcase with side carry handle and have shoulder straps concealed.


  • Volume appr 35L
  • Sturdy grab handle at top and carry handle at side
  • Side compression straps
  • Padded shoulder straps can be concealed and zip fastened flap
  • Waist belt
  • Internal zipper fastened mesh divider
  • 2 straps with buckles to fix things in main compartment

Dimensions: appr 50x37x17cm


  • New (may contain bulk storage marks)
  • Pre-owned, SuperGrade (contains minimal signs of wear)
  • Pre-owned, Grade 1 (contains moderate signs of wear, can be slightly faded and/or soiled)
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