Dutch Army Hooped Gore-Tex® Bivy Bag Woodland

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Dutch Army Hooped Gore-Tex® Sleeping Bag Cover, Woodland

Genuine Dutch military sleeping bag (bivy) cover with a tent pole arch in a head area in classic Dutch woodland camouflage. There is enough space at the head end for equipment that needs to stay dry and be easily accessible all the time. The L-shaped access opening can be closed with two zippers. The specially designed storm flap ensures that the zippers won´t let the moisture get inside. The bivy cover is manufactured from Gore-Tex type material making it water repellent, windproof and vapour permeable (breathable). It also includes a mosquito net that can be used when the head-end zip is open for ventilation.

NB! The bivy bag comes with compression sack and the pre-bent pole.

Approx dimensions (laid out flat):

Size L - 235 x 65cm feet area / 90cm chest area

Size XL - 260 x 65cm feet area / 90cm chest area


  • New (unused, may contain bulk storage marks)
  • Pre-owned, SuperGrade (contains minimal signs of wear)
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