Dutch Army ARWY 120L Rucksack Woodland

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Dutch Army ARWY 120L Rucksack, Woodland

Genuine Dutch Army 120L rucksack produced from durable polyamide (380 g/m2), coated with polyurethane for waterproofness.


  • Internal back frame
  • Adjustable back lenght, APS system (Advanced Paralux System)
  • Padded back
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps and hip belt with "Bergbuckle"
  • Quick-release sternum strap
  • Main compartment divided in upper (larger) and lower (smaller) partitions
  • Inner pocket for a hydratation bladder
  • Detachable side-pockets that can be zipped together creating smaller 20L daypack
  • Height-adjustable, detachable top lid with zip pockets for smaller items storage
  • Tough grab handles in upper part (front and back)
  • Compression straps for sleeping bag and or other equipment
  • Molle panels at front side, top lid and side-pockets

NB! side-pockets may come only with Molle panels or also with compression straps.

Producer: ARWY

Volume: approx 120L with side-pockets


  • New (may contain bulk storage marks)
  • Pre-owned, SuperGrade (contains minimal signs of wear)
  • Pre-owned, Grade 1 (in good overall condition with light or moderate signs of wear, may contain just minor damages and be slightly soiled, sternum strap might be missing)


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