British Army PCS Thermal Trousers

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British Army PCS Thermal Trousers With Integral Stuff Bag, MTP

Genuine British Army PCS (Personal Clothing System) issue thermal cold weather trousers, designed to replace the previous reversible "softie" trousers. Made from lightweight ripstop nylon in light olive colour to match the other PCS clothing now on issue such as t-shirts, fleece undershirts, ubacs etc.


  • Button waist
  • Velcro fly
  • Hand access slots at sides
  • Full lenght zip on both sides for easy on/off
  • Lightweight polyester filling for maximum warmth and minimum weight
  • Velcro closure rear pocket turning into handy stuff sack



  • New
  • Pre-owned, SuperGrade (may contain only minimal signs of wear)
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