British Army MVP Bivy Cover Olive

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British Army Sleeping Bag Cover, olivegreen

Original British Army sleeping bag cover, made of water-repellent and breathable MVP (Moisture Vapour Permeable) Gore material (British Army Gore-Tex equivalent) in olivegreen colour. It is used as the top layer of the sleeping bag in conditions without tent or shelter.

Material: MVP (Moisture Vapour Permeable) 

Approx dimensions: 

  • lenght - 255cm (bag lenght without the hood part - 213cm)
  • width (feet) - 65cm
  • width (shoulders) - 85cm



  • New (may contain bulk storage marks)
  • Pre-owned, SuperGrade (contains minimal signs of wear)
  • Pre-owned, Grade 1 (in good overall condition with moderate signs of wear, may contain writings and can be slightly soiled. Internal seam taping is mostly removed)
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