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British Army Heavyweight MVP Jacket MTP

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British Army Heavyweight MVP Combat Jacket, MTP

Genuine British Army MTP waterproof jacket. Constructed from MVP (Moisture Vapour Permeable) material (British Army equivalent of Gore-Tex), specifically designed to be waterproof and windproof, yet breathable. This is the heavier weight Mk1 MTP MVP jacket made to the same specs as the older DPM Gore-Tex jackets with two large bellows chest pockets and a hood stowed away in the collar, these are becoming prized items among many people who prefer them to the newer issue lightweight garments.

Label reads: Jacket Combat MVP MTP


  • New (may contain writings on the label)
  • Used, SuperGrade (may contain just minimal signs of wear)
  • Used, Grade 1 (contains light signs of wear, may be slightly soiled)



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