British Army Cold Weather Field Cap MVP DPM

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British Army Cold Weather Field Cap MVP, DPM Woodland

This genuine British Army Cold Weather Fleece Cap is designed to be a modern and effective hat to keep your head warm and dry no matter how harsh the weather is. The outer material is made from MVP fabric which is waterproof and breathable to allow maximum performance and total comfort when wearing this cold weather cap. The ability to either pin the flaps up or wear them down ensures that should the temperature drop and wind pick up, you have the ability to add an extra layer of protection to the sides of your face and chin.

Label reads: Cap Coldweather MVP Woodland Disruptive Patterned

Size: S - up to 56; M - 56-58; L - 58-61cm


  • New
  • Used, SuperGrade (may contain minimal signs of wear)


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