Austrian Army M65 Style Gore-Tex® Jacket

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Austrian Army M65 Style Gore-Tex Jacket, olive green

Genuine Austrian Bundesheer Gore-Tex (or Sympatex) jacket. Cut is similar to the US M65 field jacket, but Austrian jacket is water- and windproof. The waterproof and breathable membrane is squeezed between an outer protective fabric layer, to protect the membrane from damage, and a comfortable inner lining. This is a roomy jacket, it's up to the user to dress accordingly.

  • A sturdy shell jacket with large practical pockets and a hood
  • Gore-Tex or Sympatex membrane
  • Generous cut widthwise: if you're between two sizes and want the coat for casual use, the smaller might be better.
  • Zipper & snap closure
  • Four front pockets with snap closure
  • Velcro name tag base on the chest and Bundesheer logo on left arm


Material: The composition of the outer fabric varies, it can be either 50/50% polycotton, 65/35% polycotton or 100% polyester. The membrane is either Gore-Tex or Sympatex, these are essentially the same. 100% polyester lining.

Condition: new

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